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Pre-Departure Information

/Pre-Departure Information
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Students will need to make their own travel arrangements to Australia.  Please try to arrive at least 1-2 weeks before the start of Student Orientation to allow enough time for settling-in, adjusting to the climate and overcoming jet-lag.

  • Apply for passport

  • Arrange student visa

  • Make contact with Melbourne Education Institute

  • Complete required forms with Melbourne Education Institute

  • Make payments to Melbourne Education Institute

  • Arrange for immunisations and medications from doctor

  • Apply for a credit card and/or arrange sufficient funds

  • Confirm overseas access to your funds with your bank

  • Make travel arrangements

  • Arrange travel insurance / OSHC

  • Advise institution of travel details

  • Arrange accommodation

  • Arrange transport from airport to accommodation

  • Name and contact details of a Melbourne Education Institute representative

  • Enough currency for taxis, buses, phone calls etc. in the event of an emergency

Important documents:

  • Student Handbook!

  • Passport

  • Letter of Offer

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoe)

  • Certified copies of qualifications & certificates

  • Travel insurance policy

  • ID cards, drivers licence, birth certificate (or copy)

  • Receipts of payments paid

  • Medical records and / or prescriptions

If you are travelling with your family you will need to include their documents as well.  

Keep all documents in your carry-on luggage.  In case you lose the originals, make copies that can be left behind with family and sent to you.

  • Call home

  • Settle into accommodation

  • Contact Melbourne Education Institute

  • Purchase household items and food

  • Enrol children in school (if applicable)

  • Attend international student orientation at MEI (compulsory)

  • Advise Melbourne Education Institute of your address, phone and email

  • Get student ID card

  • Advise health insurance company of address & get card

  • Open a bank account

  • Attend faculty/course specific orientation sessions

  • Get textbooks

  • Start classes

  • Apply for tax file number if seeking work

  • Get involved in student life and associations (eg music, sporting and cultural clubs)

What to Bring

Australian Customs Services and quarantine are considered to be quite strict. If you’re in doubt about whether your goods are prohibited or not, declare it anyway on the Incoming Passenger Card which you will receive on the plane. Students have received on the spot fines for not declaring items.  For further information visit the Australian Customs website:

For information on how much luggage you can bring check with your airline.

Information and Tips in various languages –

Australian Customs for arriving travellers –

Guide for Travellers –

Note: Please refer to the Student Handbook for detailed information.